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Slide on truck campers:

Mustang Slide On Campers are arguably the lightest Slide On Truck Campers available and are built using the latest building techniques and lightweight Fibreglass - foam - Fibreglass composite panels.

Slide-on Truck Campers are one of the largest sellng types of recreational campers in North America and are gaining in popularity in Australia and New Zealand.


Slide-on Truck Campers are the only Recreational vehicle that allows you to travel with a 3-in-1 combination; camper, vehicle and trailer.

Easier vehicle handling:
With your Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper mounted on your ute or truck, driving, parking and storing can be easier than for either a motor home or towed trailer unit.
Comfort and Convenience:
Your Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper can be basic with 12volt lighting, stove, grill, refrigerator and a separate toilet area (depending on model) to allow very comfortable accommodation while holidaying in even the remotest areas. Options such as shower, heater, 240v, air con, 4 seasons hatch, solar panel/s, generator, awning etc are available to enhance your experience.
Go anywhere:
Beaches, back roads and snowy areas are more accessible with a Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper than any most other types of recreational camping vehicle. They can be used on almost all 2x4 and 4x4 flat deck trucks. (Wellside ute campers will come with demand, please express your interest).
Lower ownership cost:

A Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper can have a low initial purchase price compared to most any other type of camper with comparable space and facilities (especially if you already own a ute or truck).

1) You have the huge advantage of being able to use your vehicle when not needed to transport the camper.

2) There is no engine, no transmission, nor any tyres to maintain or repair on a Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper.

3) Insurance is generally less expensive and there is no road worthy / warrant of fitness or registration cost.

4) Fuel expenses are generally less expensive as the complete unit is more compact and therefore smaller on the road.

Vehicle upgrades:
You can upgrade your vehicle regularly with "off the floor" models without needing to change the camper. Bring your upgraded vehicle in for any advice on fitting your Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper to your new ute.
Suited to your work :
Save on the cost of motels and take your Mustang Slide-on Truck Camper with you, if your work consists of moving around a lot.